Self employed


Self-employed workers are automatically enrolled in the Simplified Financial Reduction Plan when they report their activity. This scheme is valid for those who declare a billing of less than 200 thousand euros (150 mil until 2013) and who do not choose an organized accounting system.


Under this scheme, the expenses that taxpayers must incur in performing their duties are not accepted for tax purposes. The plan considers that 75% of revenues are liquid (70% until 2013) and the remaining 25% are expenses. However, if the activity is established in the hotel, restaurant and beverage sector and in the sale of goods, the Fisc considers 15% of the amounts obtained as income subject to tax (20% until 2013) . The taxpayer does not need to keep the expense invoices with his activity, such as those for breakfast bills with customers, fuel or computer purchase, as they are not considered expenses. The minimum collection, that is, the minimum amount on which the tax is taxed regardless of the amount received by the worker, ceased to exist in 2009.


The simplified plan terminates if one of the following situations occurs: Earn income in excess of € 200,000 during two tax periods followed; If this limit is exceeded by 25% (€ 250,000) in a single period; If the incomes holder chose an organized bookkeeping. The organized accounting system begins, thus, automatically from the following fiscal year to the verification of one of these situations. If you do not want to continue on a simplified plan and claim to be moving to an organized accounting system, you must provide a change declaration by the end of March of the year in which you claim to have it.